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The Kirkland Church of Christ is a non-denominational church that’s committed to creating a place where people are warmly welcomed and accepted. Our atmosphere is both casual and friendly. Our focus is on evangelism and teaching people about Jesus. We aggressively pursue international mission opportunities, preaching, classes and community Meetups. Our singing style is a capella worship music that is current and uplifting. Sermons during our worship service are easy to understand and applicable to our daily lives.







Our Goal

When you visit you will hear about God and the uncompromising message of Jesus taught and preached from the Bible. We have no creed books or denominational organization which interferes with the simple Bible message. You will learn to live your life in today’s society as Jesus did in his by following the path he has forged and the salvation he offers each of us. Above all, you will find a church family who is caring and loving.

About Us

You will quickly discover the Kirkland Church of Christ is filled with wonderful people and a safe place to learn and worship. Our congregation of 170 people is centrally located in King and Snohomish Counties. Our members live and work in Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Mill Creek and surrounding areas. Our congregation is multigenerational and skewed heavily towards families with over 40 kids attending Sunday morning services.


If you’re searching for biblical answers, looking to worship God while on vacation or exploring a new place to call home, we encourage you to visit. There will be no surprises or strings attached, just friends and families getting together to talk, encourage and worship God. You are invited to come as you are. We’ll introduce ourselves with a simple handshake while respecting your privacy.




When are your worship services?

Our Sunday morning worship service starts at 10:30am and ends at 12:00pm.

We also offer an evening service from 5:00pm to 6:00pm.


Communion is offered at both. Babies and children are an important part of our family and we include them in our worship services.



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Do you offer classes?

Sunday morning classes @ 9:30am – 10:15am

Wednesday evening classes are @ 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Lady’s class every other Sunday afternoon @ 2:00pm to 4:00pm.


We offer age-appropriate classes for kids beginning at 2 years old and a variety of adult classes during both these times. 




Is there an order to your services?

Our services are focused, educational and encouraging. We generally start with announcements, a scripture reading and prayer before a 35-minute sermon. There are several songs we sing a capella during this time leading up to communion and then ending with a closing prayer. Don’t worry, you won’t be asked for money, introduced, or embarrassed. We generally have a few dozen visitors at each service, so you may even feel a little lost in the crowd. 







What should I wear? I just want to blend in.

We have no dress code. Here in the Pacific Northwest we generally prefer comfortable clothing.  You will see some in suits and dresses while others dressed more casually in jeans and tennis shoes. God is more interested in your heart and an open mind than your clothing. (1 Samuel 16:7). 




Do you need me?

YES! There are so many opportunities and options to work and participate. Teaching classes, helping others, participating in our weekly Meetup’s throughout the community, working in missions around the world and leading songs, prayers and communion during worship services. 






What about my children?

Families matter and we’ll do everything we can to support you and encourage your kids. We believe in building into our next generation, as they have the power to change the future.


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How do I become a member?

Membership is a vital part of our desire to be a local church where Christians commit to love Jesus and one another. When you become a member, you are saying that you want to commit to Jesus and do his work with us in a way that is selfless, sacrificial, and loving. At the same time, the elders and leaders commit to serve, teach, lead, and love our members in a God-honoring manner. Joining Kirkland is easy, just ask and find out




More Questions?

Just ask anyone for “Brent”, or you can contact him at:  (502-445-5421)