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In the New Testament we read how churches were structured as independent local congregations led by men in the capacity of elders and deacons. The qualifications for these leadership roles are found in 1 Timothy chapter 3 and in Titus chapter 1. The elders of our congregation set direction, oversee and care for the spiritual needs of our members. Our Deacons work under the authority of the elders, to facilitate and lead specific ministries and works of the congregation. 


Likewise, in our congregation there is a special role for Evangelists who according to 2 Timothy 4:2 are to “Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.” 



Our Evangelist


Our Evangelist

Brent Hunter 

Brent has been active in holding marriage and parenting workshops for churches all over the US, and has been a successful marriage counselor for the last thirty years.  Brent speaks around the country on the subject of “The Big Picture of the Bible and Evangelism” and has been using this program successfully over the last ten years. 


Brent worked for 26 years as both a professor and administrator at a four-year Christian college where he taught Bible, Speech, and Marriage and Family.  During his years on the faculty he was selected by his students as the top-rated lecturing professor on multiple occasions.  Brent is a certified seminar facilitator for the Family Dynamics Institute and licensed to administer the Prepare and Enrich diagnostic tool for premarital and marital counseling.  


He has been happily married to his wife Gail since August 19, 1978, and they have two married daughters and five grandchildren. 


Brent Hunter has also done evangelistic work with churches since he was 20 years old.  He has worked with congregations in Florida, Kentucky, California.    


Brent’s focus is primarily on church growth and evangelism and marriage and family enrichment with a focus towards preventing problems.   


In addition to being available for Bible studies for anyone who is interested, on a limited basis, Brent provides couples with Bible based marriage counseling. 



Brent can be reached on his  cell phone: 502-445-5421 or at  Please feel free to contact him if he can assist you with any of your spiritual needs or questions. 1