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Ages 6 mo – 4 yrs


This group meets in age appropriate classes, where volunteers, using puppets, games, crafts and music, teach directly from the Bible to help kids learn more about God’s Word and encourage them to grow in their knowledge and relationship with Jesus Christ. Teachers regularly pray for each child.



Elementary School

Kindergarten – 4th grade


Elementary School grades are broken into three separate classes: Kindergarten – 1st grade, 2nd – 3rd grade, and 4th – 5th grade. 


These age appropriate classes are important when teaching directly from the Word of God and help to communicate clearly in a way our kids understand. Kids read from the Bible, memorize verses, and experience thought provoking activities. They also participate in games, fellowship, and prayer as they discover the truths of God and develop lifelong skills.

Middle & High School

6th Grade – 12th Grade


Middle & High Schoolers today have a vital role to play within the church. So often, teens get overlooked and underestimated. But the Bible says in 1 Timothy 4 that youth are to be an example, so they will not to be looked down on simply because they are young.


Our goal is to help teens understand who they are in Christ and that through the gifts, talents, and abilities God has given them, they can greatly impact the world around them.


We exist to love students where they are at, present the Gospel in a way they understand, and move each student toward a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. We seek to equip them for current and future ministry and to encourage them to live each day in such a way that people see Christ through them.





Vacation Bible School 

Wonderfully Made VBS is a “Sanctity of Life” themed 4 days in the land down under for ages 3-13!


Be prepared to experience the jaw-dropping beauty of the great barrier reef, the arid temperature of outback, the architectural marvels of modern cities, and the fascinating eucalyptus forest, home of the koalas.


We’ll marvel at the beauty of Australia while exploring the wonder and value of life, from the lives of pre-born babies to eternal life in the kingdom of God. during this VBS, kids will discover that life is valuable. From the tiniest to the oldest, each person is made in the image of God—wonderfully designed to know Him and live for Him!


Join us July 25–28!  For ages 3 to 13!  Register here.