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The Big Picture – Short & Simple

Many people have learned about the Bible through this short and simple presentation. If you care about people’s souls and desire to help them understand God’s will, then this is an opportunity for you. Teach the Teacher classes are held regularly, and volunteers are needed to both present the materials and answer questions.


The Big Picture presentation takes an hour or less. It is designed for those who have never been exposed to the Bible or who want a simple refresher course.  An hour spent understanding God’s point of view will weave together history and bible stories bringing to life the plan God has for each of us.


“It only took fifty-five minutes, and my whole purpose in life was changed forever. The Big Picture is truly genius! I personally had little bible knowledge, but I desired to know more about coming to Christ and what the Holy Bible is really all about. I wanted to understand it, know it and apply it to my life, but when I opened the bible, I was often confused by the language and misunderstood what the messages were telling me. However, The Big Picture, explained all the key main points of what the truth is.  As we flipped through each page and read out loud, with each sentence, I began to understand. We were not even half way through The Big Picture and the “light bulb” came on and I finally had my “Awe Ha” moment! The way this book is so brilliantly and beautifully illustrated, made me completely understand just exactly the five W’s: Who, What, Where, Why and When of the Bible.


The Big Picture lesson is told in such a simple way but with such a profound impact on my life. I never lost interest. I was like a sponge absorbing every bit of each illustration and each word on the page. I didn’t even realize that I had finished the lesson in less than an hour. I’m living proof that when you keep things simple, short and sweet, like The Big Picture, the message that is taught to you is going to have an everlasting impact within you.” 




Assisted Living & Nursing Homes

Residents of Assisted Living centers and Nursing Homes are some of the most forgotten people of our day. They struggle with loneliness and separation from normal lifelong activities, friends, family and church. Christians living in these facilities need the fellowship of other believers and the comfort of the Scriptures. Those without a relationship with Jesus Christ need the light and love that a believer can share through their faith. 


The goal of our Assisted Living & Nursing Home Ministry is to glorify God by taking His Word and Songs to these locations. We provide spiritual support for residents, their families and those who are employed by these facilities. Our Members spend time bring encouragement through Scripture reading, musical worship and prayer.